Continuing my obsession with clouds

surface work on cloud shapes. Cathy Kiffney
Clouds ~ Clay

making cloud forms. Cathy Kiffney
This has been going on for about a year, but I have not had time to really explore like I would like.

smoothing clouds. Cathy Kiffney

Clouds made out of clay. I like the juxtaposition clouds/clay. 

cloud form, clay. Cathy Kiffney

Clouds--soft, ephemeral. Clay--hard, permanent. Also, I've been searching for a form that have no utilitarian reference.

slip painting, clay clouds. Cathy Kiffney

Voila! Clouds

glazing clouds. Cathy Kiffney

clay cloud, 11x7x2". Cathy Kiffney

Crook's Corner

I've been working on new pieces for my upcoming show at Crook's Corner in Chapel Hill, NC.  This is very exciting to me for many reasons.  I used to work at Crook's many years ago, first when it was the BBQ local fun spot and then when it was reinvented by the legionaries in the foodie world,  Bill Neal and Gene Hamer.  Not only is this place always fun, but the food is fantastic.  For the past 17 year or so Bill Smith has been the chef. You have to check out his cookbook Seasoned in the South, yum!!
In early May, Crook's Corner was awarded The James Beard Foundation  America's Classics Award!
Back in 1984 (?), Gene Hamer asked me if I wanted to have a show at Crook's. This was to be the first of many shows at the restaurant. At the time I was mainly making sculptural work. The challenge was to develop wall works, and ever since my work has been predominately wall works. Thanks Gene! 

Carving Magpies, new cloud wall hanging shape

Chicken cloud plates. These are getting glazed,
that pink color is a red glaze, unfired.

Various cloud pieces, these are getting
under-glazed painted and carved.
New shapes, clouds.  These rabbits are in the bisque state,
I'm not sure how I will glaze it.

carving pieces

Magpies on left, Owl and Cherry Blossoms, rt.

not sure where this is going, still painting it.



Building cloud shapes, this is the third type of shape I've tried.

Slip painting