Spotlight - Jean LeCluyse

I am looking forward to spending more time gazing upon Jean LeCluyse's wonderful drawings and paintings at our upcoming Mother's Day Weekend show and sale. The detail in her graphite drawings are mesmerizing and exquisite! Jean is a member of Frank Gallery in downtown Chapel Hill.

Before the Storm Graphite and Colored Pencil with Resin Overlay, 6" Jean LeCluyse
My drawings are richly detailed windows into a ‘secret’ narratives. The most successful images are ones that lots of people can relate to and reminds them of some story in their own lives. 
My most detailed works are done in graphite. My background in scientific illustration really takes over when I am working on a graphite drawing.

Hierophany, Graphite, 30" x 29", Jean LeCluyse
My mixed media pieces are most often acrylic, colored pencil, collaged elements and graphite over randomly textured surfaces that seem to serendipitously play into and enhance the imagery. The fun is the sense of adventure and discovery inherent in the process.

Night Watch. Gouache with Resin Overlay, 4". Jean LeCluyse
The mixed media pieces require constant decision making and moment to moment engagement. The graphite drawings are a break from this. They are more meditative and relaxing to do.
My plan is for the detail to pull the viewers attention into the drawing and into the story.
—Jean LeCluyse
Rope Tricks, Mixed Media, 18 x 24". Jean LeCluyse
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